Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glimpse of the Past: Rittenhouse Square

My Godshall/Gottschalk family was associated with the Rittenhouse family in colonial days, long before this photo though.

PhillyHistory - S 18th and Walnut, 1913


  1. These photos bring back memories. I used to work at 17th and Walnut next door to Nan Duskin in the early 1970s. In good weather we would eat our lunches in the park after having purchased them from the hot dog vendor. I was born in Northumberland County, PA and grew up near the airport in Delaware County, PA. It was with this job that I moved to Maryland and have been here ever since.

  2. Just wanted to comment and let you know how much I enjoyed your blog. I am from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (specifically, Graterford - North East of Philadelphia). My Paternal ancestors emmigrated to Pennsylvania from England in 1893 and settled predominately in the Philadelphia area.

    I am especially thankful that you've included your historical sources - ie; Phillyhistory.org, etc. - I look forward to checking out these resources.

    I look forward to following your blog and ancestry journey.

    1. Thanks Tracy, I'm glad it's useful to you. I've read your posts about rugby before which is coincidental since I work for a rugby team! We play Huddersfield on Good Friday - it's League though, and I think you said your ancestor played Union.